Event Details

What is it?

The South Sound Flash Challenge is a team PHOTO treasure hunt exploring the coves, inlets, and channels of the South Sound that will test your local knowledge and navigational skills. Four seafaring expedition maps have been developed for four classes of vessels: Power, Sail, Small Craft Sail, and Paddle.

Participants will be provided:

  • 1 treasure map
  • 10 pictures of FOCAL POINTS and mystery locations in the South Sound
  • 10 descriptions or history of each landmark
  • 1 link to a team photo drop-box

When is it?
July 30 to September 6

Teams looking to RACE for a PHOTO FINISH can pre-register and receive a Dropbox link to load their photos.  The challenge locations and maps will be available on July 30th at 6 a.m. Teams simply looking to participate in exploration and an adventure can register anytime until September 6th. 

The Goal

  • Get the full EXPOSURE of the South Sound by exploring and discovering each location depicted in the pictures, with the treasure map and descriptions as a guide. 
  • Take a team “selfie” from your boat (or picture with a piece of your boat in the image) that captures the landmark in each provided photo.
  • Submit your photos to your Team Dropbox
  • WIN A PRIZE.  The fastest team PORTFOLIO submissions of each division will win a special prize. All teams that participate and finish the challenge will win a participation prize.  All photos must be loaded to your Team Dropbox by end of day September 6th to be eligible for a participation prize.

Where is the Challenge?

In the South Puget Sound. The starting point is any COMPOSITION of launch ramps, marinas, anchoring points, or mooring buoys your team can think of.

The Treasure Maps

Maps, along with pictures of the Focal Points that you’ll be hunting for will be available here starting July 30.  There will be a different map for each vessel class, so be sure you download the correct one.

Why Participate?

The South Sound Flash Challenge is an opportunity to have an adventure, explore new areas of the Sound, have fun with friends, OR… get competitive and showcase your team’s boating skills, navigational intelligence and local knowledge.  It’s the Port of Olympia’s Centennial.  Over the past 100 years, the Port has supported access to the South Puget Sound.  Participating in the South Sound Flash Challenge is your opportunity to be part of that legacy by sharing a moment in the Port of Olympia’s history.

The Rules

This event is for fun, and as such, there are only a few simple things that we ask in the spirit of exploration and adventure.
  1. YOU MUST USE A BOAT TO TAKE THE PICTURES.  (Although if we receive enough pictures from Seaplanes we might consider an additional class.)
  2. WHEN TAKING PICTURES, YOU MUST USE THE CLASS OF VESSEL THAT YOU REGISTERED.   Each expedition map is tailored to a specific boat class.  Matching up our rowers with performance racing power boats … probably not fair.
  3. USE THE PROPER PROPULSION FOR YOUR CLASS OF VESSEL  One piece of the challenge is navigating to the landmarks.  Paddle class should use paddles/oars, sail classes should use sails, power class … power.  You get the point.
  4. YOU NEED TO CAPTURE KEY LANDMARKS IN YOUR PICTURE/SELFIE AT A REASONABLE DISTANCE.  If we can’t tell where you are in the picture or the landmark is so small that we need to use a magnifying glass, we won’t be able to confirm that you found the mark.  Try to match up the photo the best you can. 
  1. CAPTURE YOURSELF, YOUR TEAM OR A PIECE OF YOUR VESSEL IN THE PICTURE.  We want to know you took the picture or it was from your boat.  We want to give credit where credit is due.
  2. DON’T SHARE THE SECRET LOCATIONS WITH OTHER BOATERS.  Solving the clues, exploring and discovery is the fun of the challenge.  Don’t take away the spirit of adventure by giving away the answers.
  3. HAVE FUN & BE SAFE!  At the core of this event is fun and the joy of boating.  Those who find being competitive fun are more than welcome to challenge themselves, but we ask that you know your limits and practice safety at all times.

Register for the Challenge

Each registration will receive an email with a dropbox link.  Use this dropbox link to upload your treasure hunt images to be eligible to receive a prize.