Boatworks Services

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Boatworks Yard Operational Hours

Services Available

Services provided in the boatyard consist of full service, on-site tenants in the Marine Services Building, and various mobile contractors to meet all of your boat maintenance and repair needs. See our service providers to get details and contact information on these services.

  • Electrical Services
  • Engine Repair: Diesel & Gasoline
  • Fabrication, Welding, Refinishing, Fiberglass, and Woodworking
  • Hull & Bottom Painting
  • Marine Supplies
  • Rigging Services

DIY Repair Information

Do it yourselfers are welcome at Swantown Boatworks.  Information on our Best Management Practices and bottom paint sanding requirements should be reviewed prior to starting work on your boat inside the boatyard.


On-site Marine Trades

Rognlin has two large covered shops, and a small wood shop, to provide your vessel with indoor services. As a certified applicator and official dealer of Sea Hawk Products, Rognlin can ensure you have the newest in environmentally safe products for your boat.

Rognlin Marine has an on-site parts and marine supplies store that also has a catalog department for anything that is not on site.

Aloft Marine also operates on site, providing electrical/electronics work, systems work, rigging & diesel services. Aloft Marine is a premiere service provider, delivering expert knowledge in many areas.

Registered Marine Trades

Also available for services are registered marine trades. Our contractors provide a wide variety of services, and we are happy to have them as resources for our customers.

All contractors must be registered with Swantown Boatworks prior to working in the boatyard. Please feel free to ask in the office or call (360) 528-8059 for information on registering. Do-it-yourselfers are welcome at Swantown Boatworks as well. Please refer to our Best Management Practices (BMP) if you plan to do your own work.